KEY STAGE 2 (GRADE 6 TO GRADE 10 Middle & High School )

Children are nurtured  in a vibrant and psychologically enabling environment which encourages collaborative learning, curiosity, questioning, observation, research, exploration, experimentation, independent thinking to broaden scientific temper and global outlook.

Inclusion of life sketch of towering Indian and global personalities infuses self-respect, love, patriotism and love for the nation.

Spiritual ambience is blessed with serenity, joy and beauty through chanting of Bhagwat Geeta, Slokas, and Veda Patha along with Agnihotram, Saraswati vandana, Yoga, Pranayam and meditation with soothing instrumental music.

Celebrating all festivals of National, spiritual and cultural importance take significant room in our curriculum to remain deeply rooted to our rich and scientific culture.

Inclusion of project method at the formative years of faculty development enhances creativity, confidence and communication skills.

Here, an opportunity for each child to explore and showcase its potential in scholastic and co-scholastic areas including sporting and cultural activities is encouraged.

Classroom teaching is intellectually rich through multiple updated methodologies i.e. collaborative learning, mentoring and monitoring system with peers and self assessment. Activities like seminar, elocution, quiz, role play, calligraphy, declamation, recitation, group discussion, debate, experiments and exploration escalate the intellectual and psychological faculty of the child.

Visits to places of historical and scientific importance make learning insightful, impactful and memorable. A widespread outdoor and indoor game makes the child physically fit, confident and mentally happy and contented and imbibes a sense of team spirit, discipline and leadership.