I feel nostalgic when I recollect my childhood days. Being a student of rural background, my learning started with jumping in puddles, playing in mud, building sandcastles, sharing emotions and playing with friends. All this taught me things like team spirit, loyalty and sincere work.

With changing times, the approach to teaching and learning changed as well as schooling from Gurukulas to Global Schools.

I always believe that better education can bring a positive change in the society.

We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence with character is the goal of true education.

Our institution aims at grooming each child academically, socially and spiritually so that they become very confident and well-balanced citizens of the world.

We take great pride in mentioning that we are the pioneers in bringing digital learning to rural areas. We believe in keeping with the times and always upgrade our technology so that we can provide a better technological platform for our rural student’s excellence.

Through our Rural Education Mission initiatives, we hope to leave an indelible mark on the society. We instill the values of creative, analytical thinking, reading good books, confidence building, respecting others’ values, beliefs & developing a spirit of tolerance.

The Scholars of BKG are skillfully trained in Life Skills education to face the problems of tomorrow’s competitive world. On behalf of BKG family I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart and welcome you into the family of BKG .

Sri B.Rudra Gouda

Chairman & Managing Trustee.