The first steps of a child’s foray into learning is an exciting time. The learning centre is based on integrating knowledge of the world through different and varied methodologies. It taps the inherent curiosity, keen sense of observation and exploration of the child. It provides opportunities for hands on learning and discovery and application of concepts through different learning areas such as

  • Role-play corner
  • Language and literacy space
  • Science experiment hub
  • Number concept arena
  • Flora and fauna
  • ICT corner
  • Sandpit
  • Water play-area
  • Toys museum
  • Puppetry zone
  • Life-skills studio
  • Story junction
  • Star gazing

We also have a Montessori lab to enable sensorial and practical learning and our ‘Creative arts zone’ provides an aesthetic atmosphere for colouring, drawing, clay- modeling  handicrafts etc.