Ambience of the Learning environment is enthralled with fauna and flora to ensure love and care for all species in the lap of mother earth.

Igniting scientific temper through observation, nature story and experimentation and developing a sense of appreciation and curiosity for the world of flora.

Moulding character sub-consciously through story narration about great personalities coupled with dramatization, puppetry and use of audio-visual aids like story and rhyme albums, flash-cards, toys museum etc.,

Visual and performing art and craft work makes the open mind fill with beauty, joy, serenity and creativity.

Habit of reading colourful picture books and numerous creative and interesting materials enables the kid to fall in love with the books and to become a voracious reader in future with passion, knowledge and wisdom even at the formative stage of development.

Our rich tradition, culture and history are expressed through an enriched and educational toys gallery and Janapadaloka.

A warm and welcoming life-skill studio, rich in aesthetics, inculcates values of organisation, independence, hospitality and etiquette.

The concept of ‘learning by doing’ takes its pragmatic shape in the Montessori lab where gross motor and fine motor development happen in a throbbing environment.

Teaching – Learning process is broader and boundary less through colourful, interesting, innovative and child friendly worksheets.