Learning Programs

Tradition meets innovation. A curated curriculum and extensive co-curricular opportunities await boys & girls at BKG Global School.

Early Years Learning (Age group 2+ to 5+)

The first steps of a child’s foray into learning is an exciting time. The learning centre is based on integrating knowledge of the world through different and varied methodologies. It taps the inherent curiosity, keen sense of observation and exploration of the child. It provides opportunities for hands on learning and discovery and application of concepts through different learning areas such as

  • Role-play corner
  • Language and literacy space
  • Science experiment hub
  • Number concept arena
  • Flora and fauna
  • ICT corner
  • Sandpit
  • Water play-area
  • Toys museum
  • Puppetry zone
  • Life-skills studio
  • Story junction

We also have a Montessori lab to enable sensorial and practical learning and our ‘Creative arts zone’ provides an aesthetic atmosphere for colouring, drawing, clay-modelling, handicrafts etc.

Key Stage 1 (Grade 1 to Grade 4)
  • Ambience of the Learning environment is enthrilled with founa in their cozy inhabitants to ensure love and care for all species in the lap of mother earth.
  • Igniting scientific temper through observation, nature story and experimentation and developing a sense of appreciation and curiosity for the world of flora.
  • Moulding character sub-consciously through story narration about great personalities coupled with dramatization, puppetry and use of audio-visual aids like story and rhyme albums, flash-cards, toys museum etc.,
  • Visual and performing art and craft work makes the open mind fill with beauty, joy, serenity and creativity.
  • Habit of reading colourful picture books and numerous creative and interesting materials enables the kid to fall in love with the books and to become a voracious reader in future with passion, knowledge and wisdom even at the formative stage of development.
  • Our rich tradition, culture and history is expressed through an enriched and educational toys gallery and Janapadaloka.
  • A warm and welcoming life-skill studio, rich is aesthetics, inculcates values of organisation, independence, hospitality and etiquette.
  • The concept of ‘learning by doing’ takes its pragmatic shape in the Montessori lab where gross motor and fine motor development happen in a throbbing environment.
  • Teaching – Learning process is broader and boundariless through colourful, interesting, innovative and child friendly worksheets.
Key Stage 2 (Grade 5 to Grade 8)
  • Children revel in a vibrant and psychologically enabling environment which encourages collaborative learning, curiosity, questioning, observation, research, exploration, experimentation, independent thinking to broaden scientific temper and global outlook.
  • Inclusion of life sketch of towering Indian and global personalities infuses self-respect, love, patriotism and love for the nation.
  • Spiritual ambience is blessed with serenity, joy and beauty through chanting of Bhagwat Geeta, Slokas, Veda Patha along with Agnihotram, Saraswathi vandana, Yoga, Pranayam and meditation with soothing instrumental music.
  • Celebrating all festivals of National, spiritual and cultural importance take significant room in our curriculum to remain deeply rooted to our rich and scientific culture.
  • Inclusion of project method at the formative years of faculty development enhances creativity, confidence and communication skills.
  • Opportunities for each child to explore and showcase its potential in scholastic and co-scholastic areas including sporting and cultural activities.
  • Classroom teaching is intellectually rich through multiple updated methodologies i.e. collaborative learning, mentoring and monitoring system with peers and self assessment.
  • Activities like seminar, elocution, quiz, role play, calligraphy, declamation, recitation, group discussion, debate, experiments and exploration escalate the intellectual and psychological faculty of the child.
  • Visits to places of historical and scientific importance make learning insightful, impactful and memorable.
  • Widespread outdoor and indoor games make the child physically fit, confident and mentally happy and contented and imbues a sense of team spirit, discipline and leadership.
Creative Teaching Model (CTM)
  • Physical development
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Psychological aptitude
  • Cognitive domain
  • Spiritual resilience
Vision & Mission


We envision creating good human beings with a sensitive heart, a beautiful mind and high intellect,bolstered by courage of conviction, Indian cultureand a global outlook,engaging in selfless service of the nation and the community.


The foundation of our educational philosophy lies in finding answers to the three most fundamental questions -

  • Why are we teaching?
  • What are we teaching?
  • How shall we teach?
School Timings

Preprimary (PRE KG, LKG & UKG)

From 08.30 am to 12.30 pm from Monday to Friday (All Saturdays are off)

1st Std onwards

From 08.30 am to 3.30 pm from Monday to Friday
Saturday 08.30 am to 12.30 pm (All 2nd Saturdays are off)

Admissions Open 2019

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